FAVES from Whitney Biennial

Whitney Biennial. Quick run-through on Friday night. Longer visit Saturday morning. Trusty companion RobK by my side. And sometimes Hazel.

A highly personal round up of take aways.

Whitney Biennial, 2019. Big Ideas

  • Bad Painting

  • Personal

  • Non-Art Materials

  • Direct, fast, fresh, unfussy

Cartoon fence. thick paint. thick thick thick. how to get that weird texture? funny cartoony symbolic. intentionally warped. imagery is great, but the texture makes it something new. colors layered over scratchy pokey rugged weird texture, so you can see the multiple layers. makes it visually complex and impressionistic when you get up close.


Lucas Blalock


so fucking good. brilliant photoshop / photography / painting. messing with reality. different modes clashing. brilliant. funny. square eggs.


wonderful direct raw paintings of haiti. i presume by a haitian person. jealous of people with intact ethnic heritages! who cares if the powerlines aren’t straight. who cares if there is gloppiness. why do i need to make everything tight and controlled?


some artists doing figurative, some really awful. this person had some gorgeous bits of drawing within messy painterly fields of smooshy paint. loose messy raw. loves color. loves feet. loves foreshortening. like a figure drawing class with … whom?! though something about it reminds me of phone book art from the 70s. accurate linear drawing in some ways, but some self-consciously abstracted parts over washy painterly stuff.


photos in found frames overlapping. see barry mcgee. how to allow yourself to conceal parts of your own work?!?! i have too tight a grip on what i want to show. every little bit!

this guy was michael jackson’s personal photographer, which gives him a level of content and resonant powerful popular imagery. he also is part time in ghana, so he’s got african imagery. love the layers. love the obscuring. love the tight clear beautiful landscape imagery.

IDEA: maybe i should try this with stoney lake images? grids and screens. and add grids and screens over the top.


bad paintings in a good way. the freedom! the playfulness! color and mark and shape and humor. who cares if the fence is a mess? how do people do this? they are so funny and appealing!

Nicole Eisenmannnn. Best In Show. wow. collage mentality. grotesques. quasi-humans quasimodos, laboring, prancing, trudging, burdened, distorted, lashed together with every old thing: industrial, gloppy, high art, the kitchen sink. all striving forward in a procession. staggering. human condition. and the arm moves!!!! the little bitty delicate useless armatures on these oversized clunky lourde lourde heavy bronze arms. heartbreaking.


karin stack