Reception at NMH

My exhibition “As Built” is on view at the Rhodes Art Center at Northfield Mount Hermon. Beautiful space. Great people showed up. Really fun to talk to students, as well.

Click on the right to see more photos! (Dad!)

karin stack
Pattern: leaf hand

Fun with repeating patterns. Leaf or hand. Cyan and magenta. Started with a pencil sketch and digitized to my heart’s galore.

karin stack
Striped Legs

Credit for the concept goes to H. Lee Hirsche. We copied it quite well, I’d say.

karin stack

My live animal is strangely unperturbed by the proximity of dead animals.

karin stack
Artwork at Mezze

Excited to have 24 new works on view at Mezze in Williamstown. Collages, prints, and paintings, all from 2017-18. Thanks, Nancy and company!

ks at mezze.jpg
karin stack